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Marine GPS antenna equips innovative, high quality, performance and built-in RF protection circuit to protect
the active LNA and high gain as well as value-added
design at a wide range of power supply from 3v ~ 12v
for any kinds of receivers.

  • 10W RF protection
  • Standard WAAS tune
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Wide range power input voltage from +3v ~ 12v
  • Narrow band width at 10MHz for real GPS L1 signal
  • Cable length up to 40m
  • 2 stages active LNA
  • Dual Filters BPF(directric)& LPF(lump element)
  • Dielectric patch antenna
  • Low noise, linear regulator
  • High current shut down
  • Radio frequency interference immunity (RFI) 
  • Improve overall GPS system resistance to interference
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