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  Connectec Bluetooth Module P/N:1-3050-111R000  SIM Card Holder 6PIN      
Connectec Bluetooth Module
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Housing : Hi-temp. plastic (UL 94V-0), Black
Terminal : Phosphor bronze, gold plated on contact area tin plating on solder tail

Current rating : 0.5 amp max
Dielectric withstanding : 500V AC for one minute
Contact resistance : 30m Ohms max
Insulation restance : 1000m ohms min at DC 500V
Operation temperature : -25℃~+85℃

  Connectec Bluetooth Module P/N:1-3113-002N000  SIM Card Holder 6+2 PIN Push Push Type      
Connectec Bluetooth Module
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  Top Mount, SMT Type

Housing: LCP+ 30%G.F., UL94V-0 rated, color: black
Contacts: copper alloy
Shield cover: SUS304, 0.2T.

Contact area: gold plating over 1.27μm (30 μ”) min., nickel underplating
Soldering zone: 3.05μm (120 μ”) min. 100% tin, or lead-free plating
per part number designation, over nickel underplating
Shield cover: gold flash nickel underplatlng
Underplating: 1.27μm (30 μ”) min. nickel allover.

Cutting burr allowed: 0.03mm max.

Coplanarity is 0.10mm max.

  Connectec Bluetooth Module P/N:1-3113-003N000  Micro SD with SIM Card Holder 2 in 1 Push Push Type      
Connectec Bluetooth Module
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Voltage: 100V AC
Current: 0.5A Max
Contact Resistance: 40mΩ
Voltage Proof: 500V AC
Insulation Resistance: 1,000MΩ

Card Insertion/Withdraw Force: 13.8N Max
Push In Strength: 19.6N
Durability: 10,000 Cycles

Insulator: LCP Black
Shell: SUS304
Contact: Copper Allor
Contact area: Gold Flash Plating

  Connectec Bluetooth Module P/N:1-3122-001R002  Micro SD Push Push Type      
Connectec Bluetooth Module
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Rating current : 0.5mA
Operating temperature : -40℃~+85℃

Insulator resistance : 1000M ohms Min. @ 250V DC
Withstanding voltage : 500V AC/minute
Contact resistance : 100 m ohms Max.

Durability : 10000 cycles Min.
Insertion force : 2.0Kgf Max.
Extraction force : 0.5Kgf Min.
Mating cycle : 10000 cycles at the speed rate of 400-600 cycles/h; Without distortion of plastic and serious wear and tear in terminal, No signal break.

  Connectec Bluetooth Module P/N:1-3122-004N000  Micro SIM Push Push Type 6PIN w/SW      
Connectec Bluetooth Module
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  Material :
Material :
Insulator : High Temperature Thermoplastic, UL 94V-0.
Contact : Copper Alloy
Shell : Stainless

Plating :
Contact : Plated 30u" Ni Overall Contact Au 1U
Shell : plated 30u" Ni Overall
Plated 1u"Au Selective Contact Area

Electrical :
Current Rating : 0.5mA AC/DC max.
Voltage Rating : 125V AC/DC
Ambient Temperature Range : -20~+60
Storage Temperature Range : -40~+70
Ambient Humidity Range : 95% R.H. Max.
Contact Resistance : 100m Ω max.
Insulation Resistance : 1000M Ω min./500VDC

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