Q1  What is GPS?  
       Global Positioning System. A space-based radio positioning system that provides GPS  

 receiver users with accurate position, velocity, and time data. GPS provides this data

     free of direct user charge worldwide, continuously and under all weather conditions.
     The GPS constellation consists of 24 orbiting satellites, with four equally spaced around  
     each of six different orbital planes. The systems is developed by the USA Department of  
     Defense under US Air Force management, primarily for military purposes, but current  
     policy calls for civil availability with degradation in system accuracy to protect U.S.  
     national security interests.  
    Q1  Ct-Tracker LED lights Definitions  
  Indication Conditions

LED Display

  Service Limit service (no sim/sim with pin) Red light blink
No service (no signal) Red light always ON
  Mode GSM on + GPS not to fix mode Blue light blink
GSM + GPS fix mode Light blue light blink
GPRS on + GPS not to fix mode Orange light short blink
GPRS + GPS fix mode Green light short blink
Tracking + GPS not to fix mode Orange light fast blink
Tracking + GPS fix mode Green light fast blink
  Battery Battery low mode Green, red lights blink
Battery Charging mode rred light blink
Battery full mode Green light always ON
    Q2  How many sets of phone number AVL306 can install at the same time?  

 Three sets.

    Q3  If Ct-AVL306 to lock engine remotely?  

None of the above problems. please call or MAIL to us, we will do our best to support you.

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